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Back at last…

Dear readers:
I would like to firstly like to apologise for my lack of presence recently. I don’t really have a valid excuse, only laziness and life.
Furthermore, I would like to say how THRILLED I am to see that this blog hasn’t died a death, and that it is still being read on a regular basis. I hope that any regular readers will soon return.

Anyway, back to writing…
It’s been a hectic couple of months; my wife and I have moved recently to a new flat, which we actually own now! Well, part own anyway… We are also going to have another baby, which we are thrilled about. Our current son will be big brother, and I’m sure he will be a great big brother.
My topic for my return post today, I wont to talk about something that happened to me about a month ago. I was in town looking for at a new computer, as my old one was showing signs of being on the verge of giving up the ghost. I went to get some money from the cash point/ATM. I was shocked to see that our balance was woefully low. It turned out that £700.00 had been taken from our account. Very surprised, I started talking to my wife on the phone, explaining to her the situation. I also explained that I was stuck in the car park, as I didn’t have any money to pay. As I talked, sitting in the bank’s reception, my mind racing at a 100 mph, a fellow customer, who had clearly been listening to me, leaned over the table between us and left me a bag full of coins. I looked up at her and she said “should help you get out of the car park”. If I’m honest, I started to blub. The complete and utter selflessness of the individual blew me away. Had it been £2, I might not have thought much of it (although I would have been very thankful). That would have been enough to get me home. The fact that my unknown benefactor gave me a whole £10, can only be called selfless.
I doubt that my mysterious benefactor will actually ever read this post, but I just want to officially say thank you. I only hope I can return the favour some way or another someday.
Normal service will resume soon dear readers.


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