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Spring is traditionally the time for new life. And this has never been more apparent this spring for us. Our living room looks out on to the communal garden which has a small tree. Durring the winter, this tree looks cold and bare. But in the last couple of weeks, I have been watching the tree flourish with bran new leaves, blossoming into a lush verdant green. In a matter of weeks, the leaves will be big enough to provide us with enough shade.The evidence of new life has also been evident at work. My Colleague has moved on from our station, and gone on to be a vital cog in the local Schools liason Office. This is her good Karma, for all the hard work she has put in over the last half a decade. I wish her all the best for the future.Furthermore, several of our friends have been blessed with the birth of a baby. We visited one yesterday, and the baby was in a clean, safe and loving home, with two loving parents. I thought how fortunate this baby was, and wished them all the best.Buddhism says that being born in a human body is as rare as a turtle in an endless ocean who surfaces for air every 1000 years, and when he does, he put’s his head through the whole of a ring. When we think that there are more sentient beings in the animal kingdom than there are humans, it seams like this life realy is a fortunate Karma. It is sad that so many people do not take the oppertunity to make the most of their lifes.I am a practicle person. I have never believed that one religion is the true religion. To me, Buddhism is not the be all and end all of religions. Clearly there are other religions: Cristianity, Muslim, Hindu, Judeism, Taoism, Seekism to name but a handfull. It doesn’t really matter what religion you believe in, as long as you live well, and uphold your religious beliefs. You don’t even have to have a faith to live well. But the most inportant thing to do with this human life is to live well. As long as other people benefit from your existance, in some small way, all the better. As the Vulcans say in Star Trek: “Live long, and Prosper”.


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