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I suppose it’s so long since I’ve writen you thought this blog had died, but no!  Just sleeping.  I’ve been very busy at work… And I know, that’s no excuse.

I guess with recent events, this post seams rather appropriate, but the main reason I am writing this is due to a rather more personal reason:  A couple of weeks ago, I went to London for a check up on my heart (when I was eight months old, I had open heart surgery to correct a minor yet potentialy life threatning defect).  It made me realise that time realy is finite.

I started to read the Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, a book that instructs you on the stages of dying.  I was reading the book this morning, when sudently we heard a loud crack, creek and a crash.  We all rushed outside to see that one of the trees in my parents garden had ‘died’.  we wondered down to look at it; it was still creeking as it gently settled on top of two other trees.  The fallen tree must have been at least 100 feet hight, and possibly a century old.  It would have stood there long before the house was built, survived the fire forty years ago, and housed many a bird and tiny mamal, and within an instant, it had disapeared from the forrest canopy.  As I approached, you could still smell the sweet smell of pine, the sap still sticky and the shards still sarp.  It now lies proped up by two of it’s smaller companions, not a 100 yards from the house.  It felt quite fitting that I was reading the book of living and dying at the moment of it’s death.  I showed it to our gardner this evening, his reaction was simple, if not a little impressed: “Yet another mighty one has fallen”.  It re-inforced the feeling that we only have a limited amount of time in this life.  It has spurred me to follow this path to it’s completion.  Tomorrow, I shall (attempt) to rise with the sun, and pray forthose who lost their lives in the recent Earthquakes in Peru, a country that I have visited and have great respect for.

I hope that you all make the same effort in your lives… Good luck

The fallen pine

This is the tree that fell… not so mighty anymore.


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