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Shortly after my last post, I received word that I didn’t get one of the post’s I wanted in the interview. At first, I found my self very upset at the loss of yet another job oppertunity, but latter on that day, we received a report that one of the members of staff (ironicly, on the floor the job would have been) was having chest pains, and an abulance was being called for her. When I went up to the floor with the paramedics and waited, I found my self hostile (internaly) to the members of staff who would have been my collegues had I been given the job. Then I realised that I was doing a lot more by waiting for the paramedics, and helping them down in the lift. I suddenly realised I was better off in my current job, as I could help a lot more people (potentialy). This brings me on to the Bodhisattvas, who’s pledge it is to help others be freed from samsara (suffering). This is what first attracted me to Buddhism in the first place.
And now, I’ve been given a better chance to “help my fellow man”: I’ve been offered a place in the Police, something I have been trying to do for 4 years. I truly think that being a Policeman, fireman, paramedic, doctor, (and many other jobs such as these) are one of the noblest things you can do, as is becoming a Bodhisattva, which is something I intend on doing as soon as I can…


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